Flower Color Deep Blue Veins fading to Light Blue
Vigor Vigorous
Classification Trailing
Plant Dimension:Height Length from top to bottom: 4'

Garden height: 3"- 6"

Plant Dimension:Width Spread: up to 8’ in diameter
Application/Uses for consumer Cascading habit makes them perfect for hanging baskets, landscaping, window boxes and containers.
Flower size/Bloom size Baby – 1.5"; Standard – 2"; Giant – 3 "
Time of flowering/Bloom time Continuous, April - October
Sun Exposure(Light) Full sun
Pot Size 4" and 6" pot, 10" and 12" hanging baskets
Watering Water adequately but not excessively if planted in the ground. In containers, keep petunias slightly moist.
Fertilizer Fertilize heavily. Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer with iron. In containers, fertilize weekly. In the ground, fertilize every month.
Pinching/Pruning Pruning or pinching are not necessary, Surfinia® petunias are self-cleaning.